Competition Advocacy refers to the group of activities the FNE performs in order to overcome  restrictions met by the State and the State’s bodies, whether existing or potential, to competition as well as expand the community’s support in general on competition in markets. To achieve this, the FNE undertakes various activities that highlight the benefits of fair competition and collaborates with other government bodies in the creation of public policies that affect economic order.

In this section you will find:

    • Market studies: Contains studies produced internally or by external consultants, on behalf of the FNE with the aim to increase knowledge on and understanding of markets and economic activities and with a particular focus on  assessing competition conditions in a specific sector or industry. Go to section.


    • Advocacy Materials: Contains advocacy materials prepared by the FNE on various issues related to competition. Go to section.


  • Competition Day: Contains links to material from the seminars organized on a yearly basis by the FNE. Go to section.