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Internal instructions or the National Economic Prosecutor’s office enforcement proceedings

In October 2012 the FNE launched its “Internal Instructions on Investigations’ proceedings”. An updated version is now made publicly available. This version replaces the previous instructions that were in force since December 2008. An English version of the new instructions are available here.


Guidelines for Horizontal Merger Analysis

Following a period for receiving comments to a previous draft, and after a due consideration of the comments received, last October 23rd, the FNE uploaded to its web site the final version of the document “2012 Internal Guide for Horizontal Merger Analysis”. This brings to an end the process initiated in June 2012. The guide […]


Guide on the Benefits of Leniency and Fine Reduction in Collusion Cases

On March 27, the National Economic Prosecutor’s Office (“FNE”) published the new “Internal Guide on leniency applications in Collusion Cases”, which replaces the “Internal Guide on Exemption Benefits and Reduction of Fines in Collusion Cases” of October 2009. The document was submitted to three public consultation processes and includes comments, suggestions and contributions from various […]


Internal Guide for the Development of the FNE’s Investigations and Legal Actions

On December 31, 2008, the FNE published on its website the “Internal Guide for the Development of the FNE’s Investigations and Legal Actions”. The purpose of the guide is to inform economic agents the procedures the FNE conducts during its investigations and their respective timeframes.  Access the document here. (in Spanish only)