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What is the SIAC?

The SIAC is the Spanish acronym for the Integral System for Citizens’ Assistance (Sistema Integral de Atención Ciudadana), which all Chilean Public bodies possess.


What is the Public Assistance provided?

SIAC provides access points or communication channels through which people can participate in tasks related to public services, while being guaranteed access without any discrimination whatsoever. To actively participate means to exercise your rights, to comply with your duties, to get access to products and services provided by the institution and the opportunity to express your expectations and interests through complaints, suggestions, consultations and opinions.


You can familiarize yourself with the citizens’ assistance offered by the FNE, in addition to its operating hours and citizen rights and duties, by clicking here.


Below, the FNE has provided a contact form through which you can submit your consultations, complaints, suggestions and congratulations.


For the request form for Access to Public Information, Law No. 20.285  please click here.


The FNE’s SIAC is headed by Rodrigo Escobar Isamit.


To contact the SIAC, a + 56 2 2 7535631.