The defense of competition is the direct activity undertaken by the FNE that comprises of the investigation against collusive practices and abuse of dominant position as well as the analysis of merger operations by companies that affect or could affect the efficient performance of all industries and consumer welfare. Among others, the scope of powers of the FNE include to initiate and act on investigations as well as to deliver reports requested by the TDLC on ongoing cases. 


In this section, you will find:

  • Interventions in proceedings brought before the courts and tribunals: Contains information concerning the interventions of the FNE before the Tribunal for the Defense of Free Competition (TDLC) and the Supreme Court.  These actions are divided into five categories of intervention: complaints filed before the TDLC; consultations submitted to the TDLC; reports submitted to the TDLC; complaint recourses filed before the Supreme Courts; and conciliatory agreements (art. 22 Decree Law 211) submitted before the TDLC or Supreme Court.   Go to section  (in Spanish only)


  • FNE investigations: Contains documents relating to the FNE’s investigations. Such documents are:
    • Decisions for the initiation of investigations into operations of concentration;
    • Decisions and reports concerning the closing of investigations;
    • Filed documentation concerning presentations not submitted to investigation;
    • Extrajudicial agreements (art. 39, letter ñ, Decree Law 211), to be submitted for approval by the TDLC.

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  • Reports regarding the handling of the municipal solid waste industry (RSD): contains reports drafted by the FNE during consultations and presentations that, by virtue of the stated in General Instructions No. 1/2006 issued by the TDLC, the country’s municipalities must submit for evaluation.   Go to section (in Spanish only)


  • Reports required by Media Act: contains reports that the FNE must draft and submit in accordance with Law No. 19,733, Freedom of Opinion and Information and the Exercise of Journalism (Media Act). Additionally, you may download and complete a sworn declaration, which must be notarized, for the respective report request   Go to section  (in Spanish only)

In this section you will find those actions conducted by the FNE that are of general interest and public knowledge.