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The Market Studies Division is responsible for carrying out studies about the competitive dynamics of the markets and coordinates the international activities of the service.

A market study is the process of compilation and background analysis carried out by the FNE when there are reasons to estimate that a specific market or an economic sector is not functioning properly from competition point of view, but there is no suspicion, at that time, that this malfunction is due to an anti-competitive infraction.

Market studies are an important tool to promote competition and do not intend to pursue anti-competitive illicit practices. This is why, directly, they cannot result into the imposition of sanctions or measures, but together with the final report release, in relation to the analyzed market, the FNE has the possibility to make recommendations that will be the object of a follow-up work.

These recommendations, which can target public or private entities, may consist of:

  • i) A normative modification under paragraph q) of article 39 of D.L 211,
  • ii) Modifications in practices of State agencies or,
  • iii) Modifications to certain practices of economic agents