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The Integral System of Citizen Attention (SIAC in Spanish) is a mechanism that involves State agencies to respond to the requirements of citizenship.

This service is provided through various Citizen Attention Spaces, which are all those access points or communication channels that allow people to participate in the work of public services, having guaranteed the opportunity of access, without discrimination of any kind.

This participation implies the exercise of their rights, the fulfillment of their duties, access to products and services provided by the institution and the expression of their expectations and interests through claims, suggestions, queries and opinions.

You can get to know the spaces for citizen attention that the FNE makes available, as well as their hours of service and citizens’ rights and duties by clicking here.

Through our contact form, you can submit your questions, complaints, suggestions and congratulations.

Encargado SIAC

Rodrigo Escobar Isamit
(+562) 27535631