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The International Competition Network (ICN) is a non-governmental organization of national or multinational competition authorities established to address aspects of competition policy, such as harmonization of procedures and visions, mainly through voluntary cooperative mechanisms and based on sharing experiences and best practices in the application of the law.

The ICN organizes its work from thematic groups of affiliation and voluntary participation, which are articulated according to annual projects. The different work groups gather information from the design and application of questionnaires on a specific topic, preparing reports and guides to provide guidance on different practices. In addition, since 2002, they meet at an annual conference, which provides a common platform for the discussion and sanction of the works and products of the projects that were carried out during the year. The member agencies have total discretion regarding whether or not to implement the recommendations that result from the collective work of the working groups.

The FNE participates regularly in different working groups, for which it has sent the following written contributions: